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“During times of great change we often need support to understand what is going on around us.

We also need to raise our Consciousness for this understanding.” – Isis Livingstone

The Consciousness Academy is a place of learning; a place of expansion and the ultimate experience of this comes from the exploration of love, of unconditional love, self-love, forgiveness and compassion.

This is a journey for you to explore both the love and forgiveness of the self, as well as love and forgiveness of others and of all living things.

At the Consciousness Academy we offer ourselves to be of service to others and to assist in whatever ways we can to benefit all.

Through this we grow. Through this our Hearts and our Consciousness expand. For us it is a wonderful journey and one from which we never grow weary, it is our journey home and it is always perfect.

“Everything is possible from an Open Heart”. This ´Inside-Out understanding´is the basis of our work.




Elevate your Consciousness with our free content, created with Love for you.

Raising your Consciousness means elevating your frequency to the resonance of Love, of Joy and ultimately of Peace. This is your aim: to become Love, to be Joy, to embody Peace.
I wish you find some or all of the content valuable and may serve you to find your way to your Inner Peace, Wisdom, Love and Enlightenment.


As we raise our Consciousness becoming Leaders who lead from the Heart, with the wellbeing of others and the planet in our Minds and Hearts, we will be able to develop solutions in any area of expertise that not only are not harmful to the eco-system, we will go beyond sustainability and will start creating conscious solutions that benefit the planet and humanity in all ways. This is already happening and there are many companies that are functioning this way.


“In order to move into the new world, it is the Heart that must lead he way” – Isis Livingstone


We collaborate and volunteer with these organisations holding the energy of Oneness, Unity, Compassion and Love.
Shambhala Trust: a UK base non-profit dedicated to elevate consciousness through conscious education, restoration and healing.
Andalucía Es Mindfulness: a Spanish non-profit dedicated to the facilitation of Mindfulness retreats.

Many feel stuck and find difficulty in opening up to Love, to move up in life to their next level whether this is in their spiritual path, in their careers, in the families, in their relationships. 
Situations seem to come back again and again and unresolved issues, that they thought healed, return frequently and they feel in a loop. The pain, the emotional wound, is still open unhealed.
With Restoration and Healing, past emotional traumas are released. The Heart is fully opened and felt. Karma is released and you are set free. Free to Love, Free to Discover Your Truth, Free to Find out your True Purpose. Free to Feel the Joy of Your Own Heart. Free to Live a more Fulfilled and Happier Life.


We are delighted to have collaborated with Victoria Calvo to bring out her latest masterpiece, the work of her life, as she calls it.
“Buscando a Tara” (Searching for Tara) tells the real story of Tara, a beautiful female dog who was the writer´s best friend and sister. The dog´s powers were beyond this reality and after her death, Victoria wanted to keep the connection with her beautiful friend alive. She started a search for her beloved companion that took her to look in nature and ultimately, going within to find the Oneness of all things that connects all creatures together. Through this Oneness we all exist forever and those we loved will be always found in our Hearts.
You can purchase this beautiful novel in Amazon and Smashwords.

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“LOVE is for Eternity and JOY Forever New” – Isis Livingstone

“May your day be filled with Joy, may Love find its way to you in any possible form.

May Happiness be a choice you make every single moment.

May you decide to show your Greatness to the World.”

– The Consciousness Academy –


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Love,  Joy & Peace