Healing Your Heart

Many feel stuck and find difficulty in opening up to Love, to move up in life to their next level whether this is in their spiritual path, in their careers, in the families, in their relationships. Situations seem to come back again and again and unresolved issues, that they thought healed, return frequently and they feel in a loop.

The pain, the emotional wound, is still open unhealed.

With this beautiful, kind and soft healing, past emotional traumas are released. The Heart is fully opened and felt. Karma is released and you are set free. Free to Love, Free to Discover Your Truth, Free to Find out your True Purpose. Free to Feel the Joy of Your Own Heart. Free to Live a more Fulfilled and Happier Life.

The Healing of your Heart consists of:

Heart Meditation

We start each day with the Heart Meditation, which we offer you as a gift when you arrive. We have all experienced pain in own Hearts and this can be seen as loneliness. Unless we are connected to Spirit, this loneliness will always be there, for that is what loneliness is. We long for this connection and the Joy that it brings but so few know how to find it.

Healing the Heart

The experience of Shambhala happens through your own Heart, clearing up shock and trauma from birth to today in a gentle, loving way. All can be remembered and released and your Heart will be free. There is a feeling of becoming who you truly are and you can begin to live pure Joy.

The Superconscious Technique

This is the most powerful method there is to access the lives you have not released, resolved or remembered. Deep seated emotional and mental stresses are dissolved and patterns unravelled. Painful memories that affect you today can be dissolved. Threads and bindings are released and a wonderful sense of freedom experienced. As your Essence reconnects it brings the deepest Joy as you embrace your Spirit.

Shambhala Trust

The investment in your Happiness and Joy for this Wonderful healing is £100.

All profits are for the Shambhala Trust, the Heart of Hearts. To keep welcoming and serving you.

I will welcome you in my home here in Glastonbury, a soothing place of Peace and Healing. Or we can do it online or wherever in the world when I am travelling.

Contact me to arrange your session to FREEDOM: info@gemaramirez.com

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