Opening of the Heart Meditation

Be still, placing your hands on your Heart.

And allow your eyes to close.

Smile into your Heart and your Heart will smile back at you.

There is a warm and welcoming feeling, a sense of coming home.

As you smile into your Heart, a golden glow begins and it comes

from a Golden Flower with twelve strong golden petals.

How many petals are open? What number comes up?

Using the Gold Light from the centre of the Flower,

move it round the Flower like a sunbeam and wake your petals up.

You will know when your Heart is open, because it is a Feeling.

This Feeling is your Joy.

It dances, jumps, skips, shouts, sparkles and sings.

Focus now on the centre of the Golden Flower

and you will find a spiralling Golden Flame. This is Divine Love.

It is the Goddess, the God part of you,

however  you see Creation, always burning brightly inside you.

Take another step now, into the Flame of Divine Love and you will find a Golden Pearl softly breathing in the silence.

When you get to the Pearl, you have come Home.

Now breathe with the Pearl, Unconditional Love, Joy without end, Grace, Beauty, Laughter, the Deep Knowing of the Wise Being that you are, which opens the Doorway to Time, past and future, Absolute Truth and Healing.

This is the Sacred Heart.

It sits like a Sphere in the centre of your chest.

And inside the Sphere is the Entire Universe.

And as you breathe with the Heart of your Spirit,

you are breathing the One Breath of all Creation.

Feeling the One Heartbeat under your hand,

of the One Soul we all are.

And this Meditation is deep inside you,

for there is nothing I can say that you don’t already know.

Take one more step now if you will. Step into the Pearl itself.

And instantly, you will be at the Source of Your Being.

Pause and be at Peace.

You have always had the power.

You have that power now and it will never leave you.

It’s simply a breath away, that’s all.

So much Joy and Love

Isis Beloved lived in Glastonbury. She was a Bringer of Joy and Love,
A Visionary, a Seer and a Cosmic Traveller. She was a Master Healer, a Teacher of Healers.
She was a Keeper of Egyptian Mysteries, a Speaker of Truth,
Above all she was a Healer of Hearts and a Loving Friend.
She lived in Joy because her Heart was open to the Level of Light.
She gave the gift of the Open Heart to everyone she met,
and showed them how to find their Joy and keep this Joy alive within their Hearts.
We know continue Isis Livingstone´s work, as she asked us to do. I am the Keeper of the Joy she brought forth and I am taking this meditation and her work all over the world to continue giving the gift of the Open Heart to everyone that comes to us.
If you would like to collaborate with this global project, give this meditation to everyone you feel would benefit from having their Hearts Open to receive the Joy that they are.

Only when the Heart if fully open


English version

Spanish version