Meditation: A Doorway to Innovation

This workshop is an invitation to incorporate meditation to your daily life. The typical excuses of your mind:

“I don´t have time to meditate”

“I want to meditate but I cannot quiet my mind”

“I don´t know how to meditate”…

transform themselves in challenges to inspire you to meditate and invest in your well-being, improve your quality of live and love yourself more.

Meditation brings you benefits for your body, your mind and your soul. It works in a holistic way in the wholeness of your being and if you make friends with it for life, meditation will be an eternal resource of Inner Peace and Tranquility.

“Since the course, I meditate before I get up and before I go to sleep. I loved the experience lived last Saturday. The mantra Gayatri was a gift, Gema, it serves me so much, thank you, thank you, thank you. Even my children have already learnt it in just two days!” – TG


In this workshop, you will learn various types of meditation, so that you can practice them and choose whichever you like the most and the ones that adapt better to your personality and style.

You will learn to relax the body, breath properly, you will heal the fear to breath, learn to prepare to meditate and will be in a safe, peaceful environment with people who think and feel like you, where you will fee like home.

“I now wash the dishes and do everything consciously. In the morning, before I get up, I dedicate a few minutes to this new habit I had lost. The calm I found during the hours we were together is still with me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.” – RM

After the course, you will have a meditation / visualisation that you will be able to use for you, your family, to share with your loved ones and even to start your own meditation group in your area or online.